Benefit for Barb Reierson (Goethke)

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Barb's Story:

In August 2012, Barb went into the Dr. for a swollen lymphnoid, they told her it was an infection and gave her antibiotics.  After the swelling continued to grow, we convinced her to go to the ER where she was originally treated for mono and then was diagnosed with AML – Acute Myeloid Leukemia with a rare chromosomal abnormality. At the time of diagnoses we had learned that the cancer had already taken over 70%+ of her blood cells.  The doctors quickly took action and put Barb on a very aggressive chemo plan where she would receive multiple types of chemo over a one week/24 hour drip.  Barb spent a total of 5 weeks at Abbott in the Oncology area, where many weeks she was confined to her room, while she recovered from the chemo.  Finally the results of her chemo treatment came in and it was good news.  No cancerous cells were found in her blood! 


While Barb was preparing for her bone marrow transplant in November, she learned her cancer had already returned.  So the bone marrow transplant was put on hold and Barb was sent back to Aboott to receive another round of chemo - one of the most agressive chemo treatments a person can take. 


In January while going through the bone marrow testing week, again she learned the cancer is still present,.this time it is confirmed she has both AML and ALL. The best Doctor's at the U of M are diliberating over the next steps for Barb, in the meantime she will be tested again to see how fast the cancer had grown in a 2 week period before determining if she will once again go through Chemo or begin Radiation.  The ultimate goal is to have a bone marrow transplant.  Without this transplant she has only a 10% chance of survival.


Barb is only 33 years old.  She is married to Brent Reierson, has 2 small children; Benjamin (11) and Bethany (3), and they live Barb’s small home town of Arlington, MN.  Barb has a hard time saying “no” so she volunteers to help so many people in the community.  She has taught Sunday school, she volunteered for Sibley County Human Services and is currently the President of the local Arlington-Green Isle Women of Today Chapter, where she has Lead the yearly scrapbook fundraiser that has been supporting her local community for the past 4 years.


Please keep Barb and her family in your prayers.  We appreciate your support.